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An intervention during the opening of the exhibition <3 wetransform at Kasseler Kunstverein on March 15, 2019, 7 p.m

What connections emerge between the history of art associations as the first civic initiatives for art reception and the changing strategies of production, communication, reception and effectiveness in the digital age? Against the backdrop of digital and analog forms of civil society engagement, the intervention #Alliances initiates socio-material dynamics of publishing, gathering, discussing and acting in a visual-spatial, tangible process. Strategies of global, networked hashtag activism overlap with the local, legal format of founding an association. This opens up a field between action and communication, engagement and observation, visibility and activism, as well as reach and effectiveness. In a joint action, forms of civil society engagement are tested, produced, explored and discussed: as a direct experience for the participants and as visual and spatial-material traces of an overarching socio-material choreography.

Year: 2019 / Team: Elena Petrach, Irakli Sabekia, Merel Dassen, Alex Valder / Initiatoren: Andrea Schulze-Wilmert, York Kaut und Olaf Val / Location: Kassler Kunstverein