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About Acting Things

The ongoing project ACTING THINGS investigates in knowledge of process design beyond the tradition of management thinking. Based on the assumption that process design can learn from the skills of performative arts, different production experiments are set up in which material and processes become mutually dependent: the material that is to be worked on generates a process which then in turn will shape the material. The starting point for this project is based upon an observation of a traditional dance, that has been performed for generations every 1st of May in the South of Germany. During the so-called „Bandltanz“ a woven structure is created by the choreography of the dancers. This lead to the research question of ACTING THINGS: What if an object would be created out of a dance? And what if we look at production processes as if they would be a dance?

See the experiments:

ACTING THINGS I – Production Theatre



ACTING THINGS IV – Material Flow

ACTING THINGS V – Connexions

ACTING THINGS VI – Spatial Canvas

ACTING THINGS VII – School of Fluid Measures

ACTING THINGS VIII – Silent Negotiations

Year: 2012 / Location: Bad Kohlgrub in Bavaria / Dancers: Trachtenverein Franz Degele / Camera: Rudi Schröder / Video editing: Oli Weiss / Assistance: Daniela Holzer, Alex Valder / Funding: Einstein foundation Berlin via Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences