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Production Theatre


Acting Things I is the opening event in a series of experiments into the possibilities of production processes around objects. It rethinks them by turning a theater stage into a temporary factory in which guests produce tables themselves in order to dine on them together. Entrance is free - the only payment is the physical labor the audience contributes to the project.

After the happening, the produced objects are preserved. Looked at in another context they seem like traces of the individual operations; their fragility and temporality pay tribute to the process of making itself being a key motivation for producing products nowadays.

More about the long-term research project ACTING THINGS 

Year: 2011 / Location: HAU 3 (Hebbel Theater am Ufer) Berlin / Music: Frank Wiedemann / Food: Alex Valder, Anna Wolf / Studio Team: Maren Bönsch, Patricia Mafra / Support: Sebastian Christoffel, Joao Abraul / Video editing: Esther Görocs, Dimitar Ruszev / Funding: Einstein foundation Berlin via Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences