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Colors of Becoming

“Colors of Becoming” views work as a social ritual and the action itself as the actual result. In the installation, composed structures such as workflows and paintings are broken down and reassembled. A mural from the St. Catherine's Room in the Ghent Design Museum is broken down into its individual colors. During the course of the exhibition, the room will be painted for exactly one hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Instead of focusing on a desired result, painters simply focus on the act of painting itself, which leaves traces of paint in the room.

A reference point for the work is the restoration process from Jan Van Eyck's altarpiece “The Adoration of the Mystical Lamb”, which took place over a period of seven years Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent. Thereby the knowledge and craft of analyzing and adding layers of color and thus time seems to become the actual “work”. And the painting is one actor amongst many other human to non-human actors. This shifts perspective on what is usually considered as the work: a material result and artifact or also the multiple processes that bring it about and emerge through it?

Year: 2020 / Location: Design Museum Ghent / Exhibition: Kleureyck - Colors of van Eyck / Curator: Siegrid Demyttenare / Team: Mirjam Faber, Lukas  Wheeler / Images: Design Museum Ghent, Patrick Henry