Judith Seng is a Berlin-based artist, artistic researcher, designer, facilitator, and academic.
Her work deals with performative and embodied forms of knowledge development in
processes of making. From creation and production to research and mediation.

As a Fellow of the Graduate School of Arts and Science at University of the Arts Berlin,
she initiated the project Acting Things - an ongoing series of experimental performative 

installations. As artist in residence at Villa Kamogawa by Goethe-Institut Kyoto she 

researched traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Currently she explores a choreographic 

approach to the socio-material dynamics of such situations in everyday life. In the form of 

experimental, performative installations in international exhibition contexts. As well as their 

reflections in video, texts, and lectures, mostly in academic contexts.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in institutions such as Kyoto Art Center, Pera Museum 

Istanbul, Luma Arles, Z33 Hasselt, HAU Hebbel Theater am Ufer, and Tallinn Art Hall Gallery.

Seng regularly teaches at art schools internationally. Besides many shorter contributions, 

she has been a professor at HDK Valand – Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg, 

at Kunsthochschule Halle Burg Giebichenstein, and Kunsthochschule Kassel.



Urbanstrasse 64, 2. HH

10967 Berlin