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Over Work


The installation was focussing on the poetics that emerge between dissolution and fabrication of situations, interactions and objects and materials.The set up in the former print shop of the Amerika haus Berlin was transformed over the course of three days. Acting Things III began with a static installation that displayed eight wax objects alongside a videoscreening showing the dancer making the very same pieces in the previous experiment ACTING THINGS II. The next day, over the course of 12 hours, the installation was transformed into a work situation in which the processing of the material took place.The displayed objects slowly dissolved into material again thus initiating new encounters between the dancer and the newly colored material. The rhythm of actions was controlled by the time it took to process the material. After 12 hours the work situation was retransformed into an installation again. Six objects that had been overworked over the day alongside a video of the new interactions were displayed.

More about the long-term research project ACTING THINGS

Year: 2012 / Dancer: Barbara Berti / Team: Sandrine Mazan, François Duquesnoy / Videographer: Rudi Schröder / Video editing: Oli Weiss / Funding: Einstein foundation Berlin via Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences