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Spatial Canvas


The sixth in a series of experiments that explore processes of production as socio-material choreography. During an artist residency at Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto in 2016, I was researching traditional Japanese tea ceremony as a practice that elevates activities of daily life into the ceremonic realm in order to open up new perspectives. I was interested in the carefully choreographed interplay between people, objects and spatial structures, that seem to merge into one social, material and performative matter. With the installation ACTING THINGS VI - Spatial Canvas I am exploring processes of space - making as continuous negotiations between human bodies, social interactions and material structures and how they are mutually influencing and shaping each other. Rather than a static or flexible spatial structure, the installation provides a material, spatial and temporal grid to navigate and at the same time display these continuous negotiations of space-making caused by different activities. Like flowing spatial sketches of moving bodies and social interactions, different shapes of spaces are constructed and deconstructed, explored and shaped, made and used or observed by the visitors. Materialized and acoustic traces of interactions become scores to initiate new interactions that again create material and acoustic traces that initiate...

In addition, especially curated activations of the installation took place:                   - A kind of tea ceremony hosted Mai Ueda
                                                                - A kind of collaborative sound ceremony initiated by Judith Seng

More about the ongoing research project ACTING THINGS

Year: 2017 / Location: Kyoto Art Center Japan / Team: Mariejke Kruijssen, Elena Steffan, Petra Popangelova / Part of the exhibition: The point in front is not the point in front is not with Yusuke Taninaka / Curated by: Mizuki Endo/HAPS artist placement Kyoto / Funding: Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa, JaDe-Stiftung / Images: Kim Song Gi / Video: Yoshitaka Shimada, Studio Judith Seng / Video editing: Elena Steffan