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Material Flow


The fourth in a series of experiments investigates the making of objects through the performing arts in order to unveil the aesthetic, energetic and social dimensions of production processes. By looking at production as a dance, a play, a social ritual, ACTING THINGS explores means of making beyond efficiency and result orientation. Material Flow staged a poetic evolution of material, movement and objects over the course of the exhibition. Throughout seven days, eight hours a day, dancers engaged in a free-flowing dialogue with material to create objects that express a unique process of making and a continuous cycle of fabrication and dissolution triggered by a continuous flow of material. A series of objects were created each day to signify a complete cycle of production, only to be broken down the next day and translated into a different body of work, enabling new moments of creation again and again.

The dance part within the overall choreography is developed through an evolving cooperation between dancer Barbara Berti and Judith Seng.

More about the long-term research project ACTING THINGS

Year: 2013 Location: Design Miami/ Basel Dancer: Barbara Berti, Julian Weber Team: Ferdinand Pechmann, Veronika Gabler, François Duquesnoy Images/video: Rudi Schröder Video editing: Oli Weiss